Salman Jaberi is a multifaceted Creative Media Specialist with over six years of experience designing identities, developing campaigns, and executing projects for renowned brands such as KAYAK, Six Flags, Dr. Jart+ and True Colors United. His career as a Brand Architect, Creative Lead, and an Experiential & Conceptual Storyteller, combined with his direct life experiences, has led to the development of a chameleon-like business acumen; possessing interpersonal communication skills and an unwavering passion for leading creative projects, from design to final delivery. Salman is also the founder of Rave Scout Cookies, a multimedia counter-cultural platform and rave preservation project, as well as an official partner and affiliate of DanceSafe National non-profit organization to advocate for harm reduction practices.

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Salman's passion for storytelling stems from his fundamental background in conveying messages to audiences in every way imaginable. Salman illustrates brands and products by implementing fast-growing industry trends, using new technologies, integrating social media channels and other state-of-the-art media outlets to overlay their campaigns to ensure that they are transmitted to their appropriate audiences.

Clients: KAYAK, Moms Standard, Save Me From

Through years of experience in versified roles within the marketing and design realm, Salman mastered his interpersonal communication abilities and operating multiple projects simultaneously. Salman is prolific at collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver initiatives on a timely manner and finding creative solutions to short-term and long-term challenges.

Clients: Six Flags, Dr. Jart+, True Colors United



Salman uses storytelling concepts to produce on-site and virtual experiential initiatives to transform brands into living entities by enabling consumers to experience, feel and form direct connections to a brand. In doing so, brands increase their visibility, capitalize on their products and services, enabling them to deliver value beyond trade by forming a direct relationship with their audiences.

Clients: We The People, Yerba Matte, SPRING/BREAK Art Show




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