Levani's Room: Home 2020

Experiential & Multimedia Consultant 

03/Mar - 09/Mar 2020 | 625 Madison Avenue, NY


I provided my multimedia design and experiential production consulting services to renowned Georgian artist Levan Mindiashvili. I took the initiative to develop a storytelling visual paradigm for each day of the exhibition to illustrate his art and have the art speak for itself to the visitors of the exhibition. I steered the layout of the art installment and brought lighting production technology to automate an array of light colors and brightness for its sensory effect. My aim with this particular project was to further illustrate the story of the artist's mirror installations by curating and delivering an experiential show through lighting, art placements, and curating a distinctive selection of soundtracks from my platform, Rave Scout Cookies. In addition to my consultation, on request, I designed and produced social media content for promotional use by the artist.

Art Exhibition Promo Social Media Content