Multimedia Consultant & Livestream Producer 

31/May 2020 | The Bunker Stream, BK


The renowned 17-year-old record label executed the infamous Sunday Tea Dance with Justin Cudmore and Mike Swells from the safe haven of their home. The Bunker presented me with the honor of being on-site for the 9-hour live-stream as their Multimedia Consultant and Broadcast Producer. My role acquired me to handle and operate The Bunker's first-ever Zoom dance party in which I had to utilize OBS in addition to other visual-effect addon's to compel visual narratives through motion effects to focus on the raw energy, personality, and sophistication in the tone and aesthetic of Justin and Mike's sets.  I operated the Zoom on-site and engaged with the virtual attendees on both Zoom and Bunker's stream-line to further community development and loyalty. I also designed and created social media promotional content for the event to boost its online presence. 

Social Media Promo Content